2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Corporate Sustainability

The Board believes operating sustainably benefits Allstate’s many different stakeholders and drives long-term value creation.

Priorities Recent Progress

Privacy and Information Security

An integral part of Allstate’s commitment to its customers is preventing the loss of their data and ensuring that their data is protected and kept private. Allstate leverages a risk-based approach to implementing its information security program.

  • Allstate has established an Information Security Council, which reviews and ensures alignment of the program with regulatory and industry standards.
  • Allstate has a clear privacy policy and requires training and annual compliance confirmation by its employees.
  • Allstate’s program maps to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework, and International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) 27001.

Workforce and Diversity

We manage talent by providing employees with training, interesting work, mentoring, and career development; promoting from within; emphasizing inclusive diversity; retaining existing talent; attracting new employees by offering appropriate employee benefits; and monitoring engagement on annual employee surveys.

  • Allstate invests in training opportunities for its employees, and in 2017, employees completed 317,05courses and 356,971 hours of learning.
  • Allstate strives for a workforce that mirrors the diversity of its customers and communities, and in 2017, 69% of Allstate employees were diverse.
  • In 2017, Allstate retained 86.4% of its employees.
  • In its last annual employee survey, which measures the general health of the work environment, Allstate achieved an engagement score of 83%.

Risk and Climate

In 2017, Allstate continued its efforts to assess and refine its exposure management, pricing, modeling, and underwriting practices related to climate risks. Some of Allstate’s initiatives included:

  • Strengthening its catastrophe response and risk management programs through technology such as drone usage, QuickFoto Claim®, and Mobile Claims Centers, which expedited Allstate’s catastrophe response.
  • Addressing the risk of loss from catastrophes by continuing to purchase reinsurance for specific states and countrywide for its personal lines property insurance.
  • Active participation in shaping federal legislation for the Write Your Own Flood Insurance Program.
  • Being selective with personal homeowners insurance new business underwritings in certain coastal areas, as well as other deductibles or exclusions where appropriate.
  • Assisting customers in mitigating their carbon footprint through an endorsement that allows customers to replace covered, damaged, or destroyed items with more energy efficient ones.


  • Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is the longest-running national campaign focused on ending domestic violence through financial empowerment services for survivors. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has helped over 1.3 million survivors and invested more than $60 million to help end domestic violence.
  • Good Starts Young is The Allstate Foundation’s program supporting America’s youth and it was instrumental in helping over five million youth participate in service-based learning last year. Since 2014, the Allstate Foundation has invested over $45 million in youth empowerment.
  • Allstate employees and agency force engage in numerous community service programs and volunteered over 258,000 reported hours to over 2,430 local nonprofit organizations in 2017.

To learn more about our corporate sustainability efforts, please view Allstate’s 2016/2017 Sustainability Report at http://allstatesustainability.com

More Information

You can learn more about our corporate governance by visiting www.allstateinvestors.com, where you will find our Corporate Governance Guidelines, each standing committee charter, and Director Independence Standards. Allstate has adopted a comprehensive Global Code of Business Conduct that applies to the CEO, CFO, vice chair, controller, and other senior financial and executive officers, as well as the Board of Directors and other employees. It is also available at www.allstateinvestors.com. Each of the above documents is available in print upon request to the Office of the Secretary, The Allstate Corporation, 2775 Sanders Road, Suite F7, Northbrook, Illinois 60062-6127.